My academic publications

General details including citation counts for my publications can be found on my Google Scholar or Research Gate profiles.

You can also get copies of all my papers from this repository.

Supplementals for Maguire et al., 2014 specifically can be found in this repository.

My 2015 PhD thesis ‘A multi-omic analysis of the photosynthetic endosymbioses of Paramecium bursaria’ is available here (or alternatively the full XeLaTeX source is on github)

Publication List

“Complex patterns of gene fission in the eukaryotic folate biosynthesis pathway” Maguire, F., Henriquez, F.L., Leonard, G., Dacks, J.B., Brown, M.W., Richards, T.A. Genome Biology and Evolution 6, 2709-2720, 2014

“Organelle Evolution: A Mosaic of ‘Mitochondrial’ Functions” Maguire, F., Richards, T.A. Current Biology 24(11), R518-R520, 2014

“Relative iEEG Feature Importance in Seizure Prediction” Gray, G., Lowe, S., Maguire, F.

“Diverse molecular signatures for `active’ Perkinsea in marine sediments” Chambouvet, A., Berney, C., Romac, S., Audic, S., Maguire, F., de Vargas, C., Richards, T.A. BMC Microbiology 14(1), 110, 2014

“A Balloon-Based Payload for Exposing Microorganisms in the Stratosphere (E-MIST)” Smith, D.J., Thakrar, P.J., Bharrat, A.E., Dokos, A.G., Kinney, T.L., James, L.M., Khodadad, C.L., Maguire, F., Maloney, P.R., Dawkins, N.L. Gravitational and Space Research 2 (2), 2014

“Cryptic infection of a broad taxonomic and geographic diversity of tadpoles by Perkinsea protists” Chambouvet, A., Gower, D.J., Jirku, M., Yabsley, M.J., Leonard, G., Maguire, F., Bittencourt, G., Wilkinson, M., Richards, T.A. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA, 10 August 2015

“Molecular Diversity and Distribution of Marine Fungi Across 130 European Environmental Samples” Richards, T.A., Leonard, G., Mahe, F., del Campo, J., Jones, M.D.M., Maguire, F., Dunthorn, M., Vargas, C., Massana, R., Chambouvet, A. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 282 (1819) 20152243