About Me

My background and CV

Hello, my name is Finlay Maguire.

Postgrad Research: Not even once

I’m a senior postdoctoral researcher in Computer Science at Dalhousie University. I hold an independent interdisciplinary fellowship, so I am lucky to be able to set my own research agenda. My work is focused around the analysis of large, complex, messy data-sets using a range of statistical, exploratory, and machine-learning computational skills. The majority of this revolves around microbial bioinformatics (cross-over between microbiology and computer science). Specifically, I use statistical and machine-learning methods to try to better predict and understand the evolution of antimicrobial resistance. This involves an on-going collaboration with the Public Health Agency of Canada and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, as well as the Comprehensive Antibiotic Resistance Database.

I’ve recently taken the skills I’ve developed in this area, namely the analysis of large messy data-sets and begun to apply these more widely. This is mainly in the form of epidemiological, public health, and socially-focused research collaborations across the university and with various non-profits and charities around Halifax. This inclues work social media use in autism, prison justice, medical education, refugee healthcare, homelessness, supervised consumption sites, and a SSHRC grant looking at internet usage in the “incel” community (see projects for a partial list).

Before this my doctoral research worked on finding optimal strategies for analysing large, complex, messy biological datasets from a variety of omic resources. This included the first ever analysis of de novo single cell transcriptomic datasets from multi-eukaryotic systems. In the course of this work I developed several novel computational tools and methods for large scale biological data.

My full academic CV is available here. A one page version can be be found here.