Audiobooks and Podcasts

Some audiobook/podcast recommendations for Jack

19 August 2016


National Public Radio (NPR)

  • '’This American Life’’ random real stories / journalism about massive range of things.

  • '’Radiolab’’ about various scientific events with nice/sometimes a bit experimental production.

  • '’99% Invisible’’ - about how design/architectural choices underlies various things we don’t notice around us.

  • '’CarTalk’’ 2 wise-cracking brothers talking about cars with people phoning in with their car problems - sounds shit but is surprisingly entertaining and easy listening.

  • Other people have also recommended ‘‘Freakonomics’’, ‘‘Hardcore Histories’’ and ‘‘My Dad Wrote a Porno’’.


  • '’Infinite Monkey Cage’’ is great too if you haven’t finished everything on BBC (comedic panel show about a scientific topic).



  • '’Dresden Files’’ by Jim Butcher - first one is “Storm Front” - amusing wisecracking urban fantasty wizard/detective. They get a lot better as the series goes on too (in my opinion)

  • '’The Martian’’ by Andy Weir was a really good audiobook too (better than the film).

  • I’m also a fan of the Ian Rankin’s ‘‘Detective Rebus’’ audiobooks.

  • Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

  • Iain M. Banks’ ‘‘Culture’’ series.

  • '’Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrel’’ by Susanna Clarke audiobook.


  • '’Emperor of All Maladies’’ by Siddhartha Mukherjee is a super interesting summary of the history and treatment of cancer.

  • '’The Dead Hand’’ by David Hoffman - looks at cold-war weapons of mass destruction and their regulation/control etc, kinda terrifying.

  • '’Under the Banner of Heaven’’ by John Krakauer - really good history of the mormon church interspersed with stories about fundamentalist off-shoots.

  • '’Tom’s River’’ by Dan Fagin - about the pollution of a river by a chemical plant, it’s impact on the town, cover-ups, investigation of it etc.

  • '’Flash Boys’’ by Michael Lewis - about high frequency trading (with varying biases but still interesting)

  • '’Confessions of an Economic Hitman’’ by John Perkins - account of a US based economic adviser and the way he was made to manipulate the economies of developing countries.

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