About Me

My background and CV

Hello, my name is Finlay Maguire.

Postgrad Research: Not even once

I’m a recent PhD graduate in Bioinformatics with a diverse set of interests including machine learning, {gen,transcript,metabol}omics, linux and software development (primarily python and C++). I really enjoy solving interesting problems regardless of the field!

My PhD focussed on finding ways to identify optimal strategies for analysing large, complex, messy biological datasets from a variety of omic resources. This included the first ever analysis of de novo single cell transcriptomic datasets from multi-eukaryotic systems. In the course of this work I developed several novel computational tools and methods for large scale biological data (see projects for a partial list).

Additionally, I spend a good chunk of my spare time doing Machine Learning competition with Gavin Gray and Scott Lowe as part of Neuroglycerin, messing around with linux, and reading.

My full CV is available here and a one-page version here.